This book is a patient guide about Pancreatic cancer, written by two people in the field at Johns Hopkins University. This book is available at the Don and Cathy Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky. Below is an outline of the topics covered in this book.

Introduction: How to use this book to your benefit

Chapter 1: “I’ve been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

Chapter 2: My team-meeting your treatment team

Chapter 3: Taking action-Comprehensive Treatment Considerations

Chapter 4: Be prepared-The Side Effects of Treatment

Chapter 5: Straight Talk-Communication with Family, Friends and Coworkers

Chapter 6: Maintaining Balance-Work and Life

Chapter 7:Surviving Pancreatic Cancer-Re-Engaging In Mind and  Body Health after Treatment

Chapter 8: Managing Risk-What If My Cancer Comes Back?

Chapter 9: My Cancer isn’t Curable-What Now?

Chapter 10: Pancreatic Cancer in Older Adults

Chapter 11: Trusted Resources-Finding Additional Information About Pancreatic Cancer




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