Below is a list of topics covered in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky.

Part 1: The Basics

What is Cancer?

What should I know about Cancer cells?

How do normal lungs function?

Part 2: Diagnosis and Staging

What are the most common symptoms of lung cancer?

How is lung cancer diagnosed?

What is staging and why is it important?

Part 3: I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Lung Cancer-Now What?

Who treats lung cancer? What is multidisciplinary care?

Should I get a second opinion?

How can I relate best to my doctor? What can I do to make my medical visits productive as possible?

Part 4: Coping With Your Diagnosis

What is your prognosis? Can I survive lung cancer?

How do I manage my emotions? Should I seek professional counseling? What types of psychosocial support are available to me?

How do I regain control of my life after a lung cancer diagnosis? How do I get past the emotional impact and move forward?

Part 5: What Types of Treatment are Available for Lung Cancer?

What are the goals of treatment?

What are the different types of surgeries used for treating lung cancer? How are they performed?

What does the surgeon mean when he/she says “I got it all?” Does this mean I am cured?

Part 6: How Will My Doctor Decide Which Treatment is Best for Me?

What is the standard treatment for NSCLC?

What is personalized medicine?

What are the standard treatment options for my stage of SCLC?

Part 7: Side Effects of Chemotherapy

What are the common side effects of chemotherapy?

What are blood counts, and what should I know about them?

Why am I always exhausted? What can I do for fatigue? Will the fatigue go away after my treatment is over?

Part 8: Coping With Side Effects of Lung Cancer

Can my shortness of breath be controlled?

What can I do to relieve my pain?

Am I at risk of a blood clot? What is a pulmonary embolism?

Part 9: Living with Lung Cancer

How should I change my diet following a diagnosis of lung cancer? Should I take dietary supplements? Can my diet affect my survival from lung cancer?

If I smoke, is there any reason to quit? How can I quit while dealing with the stress of lung cancer?

Should I be exercising?

Part 10: If Treatment Fails

How do I decide if it’s time to stop treatment?

What is hospice?

What can I do to prepare for my death?

Part 11: Prevention, Screening and Advocacy

Can lung cancer be prevented? What is chemoprevention?

Does lung cancer run in families? Is my family at increased risk for lung cancer because I have lung cancer?

Why has there been so little progress in fighting lung cancer? What can I do to help?

Appendices: Where can I find more information?








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