Below is the list of topics discussed in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky.

  1. Introduction: You Have Melanoma, Now What?
  2. The Five Step Plan: Navigating the “Mad Rush” Phase
    1. Get the information: The pathology report
      1. Why you need a copy of the pathology report
      2. Understanding the pathology report
    2. Assess the reliability of the information
      1. Which specialist makes the diagnosis
      2. Why does it matter which pathologist?
      3. How to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis
      4. What to do if you are not satisfied with the diagnosis
      5. What to do if the reports conflict
    3. Find the Clinical Experts in your area
      1. Stacy’s and Helen’s stories
      2. How to find experts near your home
      3. What to do if you cannot find experts near your home
    4. Understand your treatment options and the AJCC Staging System
      1. What is the AJCC staging system?
      2. Interpreting the AJCC Staging System
      3. How does your doctor identify the stage of your disease?
      4. Understand your treatment options
    5. Understand Survival Rate and Prognosis
  3. The Marathon Phase: Surviving Melanoma
    1. Medical Follow-Up
    2. Why do you need continual follow-up examinations?
    3. Which specialist or specialists should you see for follow-ups?
    4. How frequently should you have follow up exams?
    5. What should you expect during follow-up visits?
  4. Who is at risk for developing melanoma?
    1. What is your skin color?
    2. How much sun exposure have you had?
    3. What is your personal and family history?
    4. Do you have large moles that were present at birth?
  5. Preventing Melanoma
    1. Primary prevention: Avoid excessive UV exposure
    2. Secondary Prevention: Detecting melanoma at an early stage
    3. Why you should not use tanning booths
  6. Medical Development
    1. Computer-Assisted Diagnostic Devices
    2. MoleSafe
    3. Confocal Laser Microscopy
    4. Genetic Analysis

4: Networking: Finding and Sharing Information

  1. How can I get involved?
  2. Recommended Websites

Beating Melanoma: The Checklist


Basal Cell Cancer

Squamous Cell Cancer

Melanoma Image Library







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