Below is the list of topics covered in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky.

  1. History of Transplantation
  2. Nuts and Bolts: An Introduction to Transplantation
  3. Choosing a Transplant Center
  4. Finding a donor
  5. Being a donor
  6. Insurance and Fundraising
  7. Emotional Challenges
  8. When Your Child Needs a Transplant
  9. Preparative Regimen
  10. Graft vs. Host Disease
  11. Infection
  12. Liver Complications
  13. Nutrition
  14. Relieving Pain
  15. Caregiving
  16. Sexuality After Transplant
  17. Family Planning
  18. Planning for Survivorship


A. About Blood Cells

B. Understanding Transplants

Glossary of terms


Pay It Forward



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