Below is a list of topics covered in this book, available in the University of Kentucky Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Educational Center in Lexington, KY.

Understanding Hospice

Does choosing hospice mean giving up hope?

When does a cancer patient become eligible for hospice care?

When should hospice be discussed and who brings up the subject?

Hospice Services

Who provides hospice services?

Role of the primary care doctor

How to find a hospice provider

Affording Hospice Care

Medical and Physical Care

Managing Common End-of-Life physical and emotional symptoms

Personal care

End-of-life comfort care

Practical Care

Advance Directives

Planning Memorial Services

Emotional and Spiritual care

What emotions can be expected?

Emotional and spiritual support for families and caregivers

Caregiver roles and responsibilities

Caregiver planning

Caregivers and the home hospice team

Working effectively with the hospice team

Organizational tips for caregivers

Caregivers and work obligations

Self-care for caregivers

End of Life Care Planning

Questions for patients to ask themselves

Questions to discuss with hospice providers




Medical Care


Family support

Additional Hospice Resources






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