Autonomous Stem Cell Transplants: A Handbook for Patients by Susan K. Stewart

Below is a list of topics covered in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Library at the University of Kentucky.

  1. History of Transplantation
  2. Nuts and Bolts: An Introduction to Transplantation
  3. Choosing a Transplant Center
  4. Insurance and Fundraising
  5. Emotional Challenge
  6. When Your Child Needs a Transplant
  7. Preparative Regimen
  8. Infection
  9. Liver Complication
  10. Nutrition
  11. Relieving Pain
  12. Caregiving
  13. Sexuality after Transplant
  14. Family Planning
  15. Planning for Survivorship


A: About Blood Cells

B. Understanding Blood Tests

Glossary of Terms


Pay it Forward