Johns Hopkins Medicine Patients’ Guide to Colon and Rectal Cancer by Nita Ahuja, M.D & Brenda S. Nettles, M.S






Below is a list of topics discussed in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky.

Introduction: How to use this book to your benefit

Chapter 1: First steps: I’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer

Chapter 2: My Team: Your treatment team

Chapter 3: Taking Action: Comprehensive treatment considerations

Chapter 4: Be prepared: The side effects of treatment

Chapter 5: Straight talk: Communication with family, friends and coworkers

Chapter 6: Maintaining Balance: Work and life during treatment

Chapter 7:Surviving Colorectal cancer: Re-engaging in mind and body health after treatment

Chapter 8: Managing risk: What if my cancer comes back?

Chapter 9: My Cancer isn’t curable-What now?

Chapter 10: Trusted resources: Finding more infromation about colorectal cancer and its treatment

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