NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Kidney Cancer


Below is a list of topics discussed in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center at the University of Kentucky.

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How to Use This Book

Part 1: Kidney Cancer Basics

Part 2: Testing for Kidney Cancer

Part 3: Cancer Staging

Part 4: Overview of Cancer Treatments

Part 5: Treatment Guide

Part 6: Making Treatment Decisions







100 Questions and Answers about Kidney Cancer by Steven C. Campbell, Ph.D, Brian I Rini, M.D, Robert G. Uzzo, M.D, Brian R. Lane, M.D, & Stephanie Chisolm, Ph.D


Below is a list of basic information about kidney cancer and the topics covered in this book, available at the Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center.


Part 1: The Basics

What is kidney cancer?

Where are the kidneys located in the body?

What do the kidneys normally do?

Part 2: Causes and Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

How common is kidney cancer?

Are there different types of kidney cancer?

What causes kidney cancer?

Part 3: Presentation and Evaluation

What are the typical signs and symptoms of kidney cancer?

What is hematuria?

What kind of doctor should I be seeing?

Part 4: Staging of Renal Cell Carcinoma

How is kidney cancer staged?

What does tumor grade mean?

What is tumor thrombus?

Part 5: Treatment: Localized Disease

How is kidney cancer treated?

What are the treatment options for localized (stage I-II) tumors

What is the prognosis for patients with localized kidney tumors?

Part 6: Treatment: Locally advanced disease

What is the treatment for locally advanced (stage III) kidney cancer?

How is the tumor thrombus removed?

What if the tumor thrombus goes into the heart?

Part 7:Treatment: Metastatic Disease

What are the treatment options for metastatic  kidney cancer (stage IV)?

What is the prognosis for patients with metastatic kidney cancer?

Should I have debulking nephrectomy?

Part 8: Immunotherapy

What is Immunotherapy?

What is immunogenicity? How do we know if kidney cancer is immunogenic?

What are checkpoint control inhibitors?

Part 9: Targeted Molecular Therapy

What is targeted molecular therapy?

How does Avastin work?

How do Nexavar, Sutent, Votrient, and Inlyta work?

How do MTOR inhibitors work?

Part 10: Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial?

What is informed consent?

How do I know that someone is making sure that the clinical trials are being conducted in a safe and ethical manner?